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About the Pilates Method:

Many people think that Pilate's method of exercise is similar to yoga -

Pilates is not a derivative of yoga, while Joseph Pilates studied many fitness and mind/body disciplines there is no historical evidence that he studied yoga seriously.

Although the Pilate's method is well known for flattening tummies because of its focus on the deep abdominal muscles as well as toning the pelvic floor, it does not stop at the abdominal work. Structural integration, providing stability and freedom of movement as well as creating long, lean muscles and flexibility, this method works the whole body in a very balanced and mindful way.

The Pilates principles of control, centering, concentration, breath, flow and precision all support an integrative mind/body experience through Pilates exercises. Students of Pilate's method, clients from beginner to advanced levels, often express feelings from calmness of mind to increased energy, invigorating and a deeper mind-body connection just to name a few of the benefits of Pilates.

Pilates is also NOT just for the elite dancers or athletes, rather Pilates is for everyone and every level of fitness. However, like every thing that is worthwhile, it takes time and commitment and the assistance of a trained, certified Pilates instructor. Joseph Pilates was never able to get a patent on his "method" of exercise therefore anyone can use the title of "Pilates Instructor" or advertise they teach Pilates. At Fallbrook Pilates all of our instructors have completed extensive training with reputable certified Pilates programs and are certified in all levels and on all equipment.

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